Friday, March 18, 2016

Rockabilly Wedding Cake - Dublin Sugarcraft Guild Competition Cake 2016

My entry for the novelty wedding cake category. Three tiers of my new favourite style. Thrilled with my 'Commended' Cert.

I received the following as feedback from the judges.  "An interesting use of inlay work, love the dots and roses idea here. More care needed to be taken to get this spot on. Love the tattoo inspired banner but bear in mind that the back of the banner will be seen b y the wedding couple so that should be decorated too. A colourful piece with some interesting ideas."

"An eye catching exhibit. Some cracking and unevenness of paste on all tiers. Take care with construction of spots - some show gaps between cut out sections, but a nice idea. Cake topper is unfortunately rather heavy. Good use of roses but more care needed for their construction. Do try again, you have some interesting ideas."

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