Sunday, April 11, 2021

Conor - Not Old, Just Classic!

 An 8" zesty lemon cake made to celebrate Conor's birthday recently.

Ordered by his colleagues at DAL, it was a nice way to get back into caking.
Lovely email back saying it went down a treat. Everything is handmade and edible.

Graham - Wolves Birthday Cake

 Graham had a big birthday recently and this is the cake that helped the celebrations along.

The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge and I love that logo.

David - LA Lakers Birthday Cake

 To celebrate his second Lockdown Birthday Joanne ordered this 6" vanilla cake.

David is a huge fan of the Lakers so it was only fitting that his cake reflect that. 

Lughan - Guess How Much I Love You

 Lughan turned one last weekend and, as we are still in lockdown, his mam had cupcakes for all the family to enjoy during a Zoom Birthday Party. How cool is that?

The cake is a tall 6" chocolate fudge and the cupcakes are vanilla. Everything is handpainted and handmade.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Bram - Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix birthday cake

 Hand on heart, I was a bit disappointed that Bram has moved on from Star Wars this year. Last year I got to make him a BB8.

However, I do love making cakes for my best mate's son. This is an 8" mix chocolate biscuit cake and everything, excluding the snitch is edible.

James - Harry Potter Birthday Cake

 James turned six late last year and I was delighted to make his birthday cake.

It is made from chocolate biscuit and everything is edible and handmade.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Nicole - Hat Box Birthday Cake

Brian ordered this 6" carrot cake to celebrate his partner's birthday.  It is based on a design he gave me and it was lovely to make roses again. 

Everything is edible and handmade. 

Ross - Dublin GAA Football Cake


Pat ordered this 6" chocolate biscuit cake for her son's recent birthday celebrations.   I am obsessed with getting all the panels on these cakes perfect ..... why couldn't I be obsessed with something simpler?!

Frank - Pikachu Birthday Cake

 I do love how bright this cake is.  Made to celebrate Frank's 7th birthday back in November, this is a 6" round x 6" tall vanilla cake.  Everything is edible and handmade. 

James - Harry Potter Birthday Cake

I do love making these cakes.  This as a chocolate biscuit cake that was made to celebrate James' 6th Birthday.  Everything is edible and handmade.