Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Zach - Birthday Burger Cake

 I cannot begin to tell you how much I love making Zach's cakes. Last year he had sushi!!

This is a 6" vanilla bun and chocolate biscuit (his favourite cake) burger cake. Everything is edible and handmade and I sent an extra burger off with this as one can never have too much chocolate biscuit cake.

Robbie - Bow Tie Communion Cake

 Robbie made his communion last month and my cake got to go to the party.

It is a tall 6" Strawberry Swirl and designed to replicate his suit. 

Cameron - Iron Maiden Birthday Cake

 Elaine ordered this 8" French Vanilla cake for her son's 18th birthday a few weeks back. 

Three of his favourite things: Jammy Dodgers, Peaky Blinders and music set the theme. 

Everything is handmade and edible ... even the biscuits as I never thought to buy the real thing!  Doh!

Cian - Dublin Fire Brigade Fire Engine

 I love my little neighbour.  He loves Fire Engines.  

Dublin Fire Brigade helped out with images for the dimensions of this cake as I wanted to make something a bit special. 

The cake is a carved 11" chocolate biscuit and everything is edible and handmade.

Gabriel - Dr. Strange Birthday Cake

 A tall 6" chocolate biscuit cake made to celebrate Gabriel's 10th birthday.

He is a huge Dr. Strange fan and I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake. 

Just Eat - Burger Cakes

 Just Eat sent these out to some of their favourite food bloggers and influencers in the run up to Taste of Dublin.

There were ten in total and I got such a kick seeing them show up on social media with their recipients.

The burger is an 8" rice crispie cake, the bun is an 8" vanilla cake and everything else is sugarpaste. Everything you see is edible.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Lena - Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

 I love making cakes for Laobhaoise.  This is a tall vanilla cake with Lena's favourite mouse, Minnie!

Everything is handmade and edible. 

Finn - Octonauts Birthday Cake

Kathryn ordered this 8" Chocolate Fudge cake for Finn's birthday.
My very first Octonauts cake (and about time), such fun to make.

Everything is handmade and edible. 

Bill - Doctor Birthday Cake

Hilda ordered this 8" x 6" carrot cake with orange blossom buttercream for her husband's birthday celebrations.
Everything is edible and handmade.

Elijah - Avengers Birthday Cake

 Elijah, caught the name error before the cake went out (Phew), celebrated his 4th birthday with an 8" Strawberry Swirl cake.

Featuring his favourite superheroes, everything is handmade and edible.