Saturday, May 1, 2021

Patrick - Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake

 Patrick celebrated his first birthday recently and this is the cake his mam asked me to make.

It is a 6" chocolate biscuit and everything is handmade end edible.

Hugo - Old McDonald Farm Cake

 Hugo celebrated his first birthday with a 6" chocolate biscuit cake,

The theme was farming and I had such fun working on this.
Everything, except the tree, is edible.

Méabh - Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

 Méabh is my tiny next door neighbour. She's not entirely sure if she likes me but she knows she LOVES Peppa Pig.

I loved making a cake for her.

This is a 6" chocolate fudge cake and everything is edible and handmade.

Mark 'Hates Vegetables' - Veg Box Birthday Cake

 Nessa ordered this cake for her bosses recent birthday celebrations.

He hates vegetables so ... he got cake veg for his birthday.
The cake is an 8" x 6" chocolate cake and everything is edible and handmade.

p.s. I based the box on the fabulous fruit and veg boxes I've ordered, in the past, from Husseys Farm. You should check them out. Local and awesome.

Catherine - Tunnock Lover's Birthday Cake

 Catherine asked that I make this 10" square chocolate biscuit for one of her best friend's birthdays recently.

The floor is the cake and on it is everything he loves. A big lover of Tunnocks Tea Cakes, Galaxy Chocolate and getting his Masters in Griffith College. I have recreated his office!

It went down a treat and I got the loveliest video of him seeing it for the first time.

Adrianna - Mermaid Birthday Cake

 I am surrounded by the most gorgeous kids, one of whom is Adrianna.

She loves Mermaids so it had to be a Mermaid cake for her birthday.
The cake is a 6" chocolate and everything is edible.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Conor - Not Old, Just Classic!

 An 8" zesty lemon cake made to celebrate Conor's birthday recently.

Ordered by his colleagues at DAL, it was a nice way to get back into caking.
Lovely email back saying it went down a treat. Everything is handmade and edible.

Graham - Wolves Birthday Cake

 Graham had a big birthday recently and this is the cake that helped the celebrations along.

The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge and I love that logo.

David - LA Lakers Birthday Cake

 To celebrate his second Lockdown Birthday Joanne ordered this 6" vanilla cake.

David is a huge fan of the Lakers so it was only fitting that his cake reflect that. 

Lughan - Guess How Much I Love You

 Lughan turned one last weekend and, as we are still in lockdown, his mam had cupcakes for all the family to enjoy during a Zoom Birthday Party. How cool is that?

The cake is a tall 6" chocolate fudge and the cupcakes are vanilla. Everything is handpainted and handmade.