A novelty cake or a wedding cake is never just a cake. It is a tailor-made commissioned piece of art for your friend and loved one. A personalised gift to light up their face and make their day, and hopefully remember for some time afterwards. Much, much more than simply a dessert at a party, or something to eat with their cup of tea; a novelty cake takes centre-stage on the table at any celebration.

Good cake-makers can make detailed novelty cakes look effortless, and unless you are making novelty cakes yourself, it can be easy to dramatically underestimate how long a cake may have taken, and what went into it.

Cake-making is a skill that takes a lot of practice to develop. It requires a good artistic ability, an eye for detail, a steady hand, and an awful lot of patience. If you have never made a celebration cake before and decide to give it a try, then you could be in for a shock (and probably some disappointment)!
So, in saying all of the above I hope you can appreciate the pricing structure we have here at Perfectionist Confectionist.

Our cakes start at €90 for an 8" sponge based cake such as the ones shown here.  If you wished to have them made in chocolate biscuit they would start at €120.
Batman Birthday CakeBatman Birthday Cak
eChristening CakeChristening CakePastel Birthday CakePastel Birthday Cake

The cakes below would start at €150.  Carved cakes like these take a substantial amount of both time and cake.  The price quoted here is based on the cakes being made from a sponge base.  If you wanted to go for either CBC or fruit cake the starting price would be in the region of €220.00.
Sailing Ship CakeSailing Ship Cake

Make Uo Case Birthday CakeMake Uo Case Birthday Cake
Beer Keg Birthday CakeBeer Keg Birthday Cake

It may look expensive when you glance quickly at the price but when you sit back and consider the time and ingredients that go into creating these cakes I think we offer excellent value.  We are highly skilled, we have all the equipment and we've got the ideas!!  That's what you're also paying for.  Our skill and ideas.

To paraphrase a popular ad. on TV right now: "we're worth it".

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