Thursday, September 2, 2010

Damien and Dee's Ski Slope Wedding Cake

Every now and then you get to play when you make a cake and this was one of those instances.  Both myself and Bernie didn't actually want to make this cake as Dee is extremely allergic to peanuts.  We cook from our kitchen so kept tying to say 'No' but they wouldn't listen. They both came over for a tasting and it ended with the top layer (8") being a Lemon Madeira, the second layer down (10") as Ginger and Date and the largest layer (12") as a chocolate biscuit.  The couple were delighted but myself and Bernie learnt an important lesson with this one.  ALWAYS leave cutting instructions with the hotel.  They did a terrble job, frustrating for us as, after all that work, you want the cake to be looked at and enjoyed on the day.  Dee and Damien were delighted though - as you can see from the testimonial below.
Firstly thanks again so much for your time, courtesy and great advice - which coupled with your skill and patience resulted in an amazing cake!! It became a star all on it's own on the day, with people literally queuing up to be photographed beside it or to photograph it.  You'll be please to hear that every last bit was eaten between the bbq and family over the next few days. We had many many compliments about all 3 layers, and overall the cake really went down a treat. (I'm already trying to think of an excuse, Christmas, a birthday, anniversary etc for which we can get another cake from you!!)
All the best,
Damian & Dee ( both about 2 stone heavier thanks to large amounts of choc biscuit!!)

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