Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Cake for Jackie

It's funny, all our wedding cakes are named for the brides.  Shall have to look into changing that.  This cake was a feat in itself.  The bottom, 12", cake is Chocolate Biscuit.  The outside of the cake is decorated with white chocolate cigars and the top of the cake is covered in layers and layers of strawberries and red currants.
The next cake, 10", is a Sticky Ginger and Date Cake.  It is covered in fondant before being recovered with a white chocolate fondant.  The top of the cake is decorated with fondant strawberries and leaves.
The top cake, 8", is a zesty lemon madeira.  This was layered with lemoncurd and lemon buttercream before being covered with fondant.  The 'strawberry plant' on top is completely edible and is made of pastillage.
As for the fairy cakes.  These were made in a variety of flavours.  Chocolate Orange, Raspberry and Lemon.  They were topped with either fondant, buttercream or a fabulous white chocolate and sour cream icing.  They were further decorated with handmade flowers, buttons, ribbons, fruit and chocolate curls.

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