Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cathal - Sailing 40th Birthday Cake

Pauline ordered this 8" chocolate biscuit cake for her husband's 40th birthday. The number on the sail matches his boat. I'd love a boat lol. Everything is edible and handmade.

Ailbhe - Winnie the Pooh Christening Cake

This is an 8" chocolate biscuit cake and was made to celebrate Ailbhe's Christening Day. Love Winnie the Pooh and love this style of cake. Everything is edible and handmade.

Ryan - Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

This is an 8" Raspberry Swirl and was made to celebrate Ryan's fourth birthday. Everything is edible and handmade.

Hope - Pink Blossoms Communion Cake

Hayley ordered this 8" chocolate biscuit cake for her daughter's first communion. ... except, I was meant to make the flowers turquoise!?! Hayley came in and we chatted and I redid the cake in the right colours. Phew!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Eabha - Purple Blossoms Communion Cake

Ciara ordered this 8" chocolate fudge cake for Eabha's communion day. I love the simplicity of it and think the lilac is gorgeous.

Paddy - F1 40th Birthday Cake

Paddy is a huge F1 fan, in particular, an Ayrton Senna fan. So was I. The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge and everything is edible and handmade.

Sophie - Communion Cake

Regina ordered this 8" vanilla and strawberry cake for Sophie's communion day. Everything is edible and handmade.

Geraldine - Leeds Utd Plumber Cake

... I've forgotten the name of Geraldine's husband. It'll come back to me. Either way, this is his birthday cake. He had a big birthday recently and Geraldine ordered this 10" coffee cake to celebrate. As he is a plumber it was only right he should be on the job. I've included a few of his passions here, Leeds Utd., Fishing and a good cup of tea. Everything is edible (except for the banner supports).

Mia - Communion Cake

his is an 8" chocolate biscuit cake that was made to celebrate Mia's communion day. It's based on a design we made previously... with the addition of a mini Mia. Everything is edible and handmade (except the tulle on the dress, I'm not that good. Yet.)

Together for Yes

My fabulous friend Nicola has campaigned tirelessly for the Together for Yes group and this week a gang of about a 100 of them are meeting up in Fingal. I was only too happy to donate a cake. I believe in women x 

Note:  I've received quite a bit of abuse for this cake. I have been called quite a few names over the past few days and yes, I could delete the cake and pretend I don't support this cause but ... I do. I believe women in Ireland should be allowed full autonomy over their own bodies. I trust them to do what is right for them. I, at this stage in life, will probably never need to avail of an abortion but my friends might, my neighbours, kids, cousins, people I don't know might and who am I to stand in their way? Regardless of what you believe in I think everyone should follow In Her Shoes. You'll find it on twitter and facebook. It is an account made up of 100's of women's stories. Why they made the choices they did. Women shouldn't have to justify their choices but this is where we find ourselves. Life isn't black and white. It's many shades of grey. Take care and remember it's all about choice and you choosing to ring me, mail me, pm and dm me abuse and, frankly, bizarre images, is you choosing to bully me and showing your true colours.