Saturday, August 18, 2018

Samuel - Charlie and the numbers birthday cake

I love when Eva mails and asks me to make a cake. I get such great, colourful themes. This was made to celebrate Samuel's first birthday. It is an 8" raspberry and vanilla and entirely edible.

Kaitlin - Elephant and balloons Christening Cake

We made a version of this in blue a few years back but I love this ombre pink version. This is an 8" chocolate biscuit cake topped with a 6" Baileys cake. Everything is edible and handmade.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Paddy Power - Hot Air Balloon / Underpants Balloon Birthday Cake

This rather large floating birthday cake was ordered by Paddy Power to help celebrate their 30th birthday today. 

One of my favourite things about this cake, apart from the fact it's a hot air pair of y-fronts, is the fact that I got to work with the wonderful Maria McDonald of Sugar Duckie Cake Design. I had never made anything like this before so Maria was the perfect caker to work with as she makes the most amazing gravity defying cakes. 
The chocolate fudge cake is approx 40cm tall, 30cm across, 20cm deep and 15cm at it's er, crotch lol. 
All in all, it's a lot of cake for the party.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Coen - Cookie Monster Birthday Cake

Coen turned one yesterday and his mam ordered this 8" lemon cake to celebrate. Love that Cookie Monster is still a thing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Mary - Golden Wedding Anniversary Cake

Mary ordered this 8" raspberry whirl cake to celebrate her parent's 50th wedding anniversary. I believe the celebrations lasted a couple of days! Everything is edible.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Eoghan - Iron Man Birthday Cake

Ruairi ordered this 8" chocolate fudge cake for his son, Eoghan's, birthday last weekend.  One of my favourites so far this month.  

Sophie - Triceratops Birthday Cake

We've made quite a few dinosaur cakes but never one with such a cute dinosaur bursting out. Made to celebrate Sophie's 3rd birthday this is an 8" chocolate biscuit cake. It's also entirely edible.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Ava - The Iron Giant Birthday Cake

I think Ava must be the most awesome 3 year old if this is her favourite movie character. He's definitely mine and I have been a hot mess twice this week due to watching the film. The cake is an 8" raspberry whirl and features a sugar model of the Iron Giant himself. Everything is edible and handmade. I was genuinely sad to hand him over.

Marisa - 40th Birthday Handbag and Shoe Cake

Patrick ordered this carved 10" vanilla cake for his wife's 40th birthday.
You really can't go wrong with handbags and shoes (personally speaking that is).
Everything is edible and handmade.

Elijah Mark - Elephant Christening Cake

Tanya ordered this 8" raspberry whirl cake for her son's christening day. Everything is edible although I suspect the elephant will be kept as a keepsake.