Monday, March 23, 2015

Eile - Toy Dog Cake

Eile has THE biggest toy dog. It made sense that I make the biggest dog ever for the top of her cake. The cake itself is an 8" chocolate fudge with vanilla buttercream. Everything is edible but . . . . if you hate that dog, you'd be on a sugar high for the rest of your life as he is sugarpaste through and through.

Frozen Birthday Cake for Freya

This is an 8" Vanilla and Raspberry cake made for Freya's birthday. Do like this style as it reminds me of those dress up dolls girls of a, cough, certain age, would find on the back of their Mandy or Bunty comic.

Matthew - Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake

This is a carved 8" chocolate fudge cake made for Matthew's 6th birthday. Those turtles have been going for ages, we used to have them all when my eldest was a lot smaller than he is now (i.e. taller than his ma).

Hannah - Electric Picnic Birthday Cake

Made for Hannah's 21st birthday this is an 8" chocolate biscuit cake. Thoroughly enjoyed this and really, really wished I was going to the party as it sounded like a blast. My brief was, Hannah, the rabbit and the Picnic (one day I'm going to make it to that festival).

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Laura - Make Up Artist Case Cake

That's quite a mouthful. This was ordered by Laura's mam to celebrate Laura's 21st birthday. The cake is an 8" x 6" high chocolate fudge cake. 

Apart from the lid, which is made of foamcore board and covered in sugar paste, everything is edible.

Received this email from Siobhan today, 23rd March, and it made my day.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Alex - Manchester Utd Lego Birthday Cake

Alex now loves Manchester Utd as well as lego so we decided to mash the two together. Everything is edible and handmade. Oh, and the cake is an 8" vanilla and raspberry cake.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Anthony - Painter Decorator Supreme

I loved making this cake, absolutely loved it. Made to celebrate Anthony's 60th birthday it is an 8" chocolate fudge cake. Everything is edible, except the back wall (I'm good but not that good).
I hope a great night was had and sorry I couldn't be there.

Movie Reel Birthday Cake - Rob

Made to celebrate Rob's birthday this is a 10" chocolate fudge cake that has been split into three separate layers.
The images were supplied by Rebecca and cover quite a few of the happy days that have happened in Rob's life. I gather he love sthe sea and whoohoo on the IFTA.

Confirmation Cake - Zoe

Made to celebrate Zoe's Confirmation day these are an 8" chocolate fudge cake and an 8" chocolate marble cake.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sudocrem Retirement Cake!!! Seriously!!

I got such a kick out of making this cake. Made for Diarmuid, who managed development of this wonder product, who is retiring tonight,
The cake stands 10" high and is made up of an 8" chocolate biscuit cake and an 8" carrot cake. He hails from Sligo, loves his family, travelling, tennis and the gym so a nod was given to these as well.