Sunday, February 10, 2019

Ece - Unicorn Birthday Cake

Ece celebrated her 6th birthday last week ( It honestly felt like she only turned 5 last summer). This year she fancied a unicorn so that's what we made her. The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge cake, it's higher than our normal cakes as unicorns work best when they are tall. Her mane is made from hand coloured meringues as I, shocker, freak out at the feel of buttercream. Plus I think meringues are nicer. Entirely edible and handmade.

Elise and Holly - Unicorn Cake

Elise was three (yup, I know I have her down as Elsie, fixed that before it went out) and Holly was christened this weekend and this is the cake they had to celebrate. The cake is an 8" vanilla and everything is handmade and edible. Oh, and Elise loves the colour purple x

Harry - 6th Birthday Lego Cake

Harry turned six last week and loves Lego (all the best people do you know). His mam, Deirdre, asked me to make this for him, it's based on an image she sent me. The cake is an 8" vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling and everything is edible and handmade.

Goran - Azir (Emperor of the Sands) Birthday Cake

Goran ordered this 6" chocolate fudge cake for a birthday. Everything is edible and handmade and Azir always takes longer to make then I anticipate!?

Nadia - Cute Bunny Cake

Ruth from Demonware ordered this 8" chocolate fudge cake for Nadia's leaving party. Nadia makes these dotey crocheted animals and Ruth thought a cake with them would be great. She was right lol. Check out Nadia's work at @craftybunnybun. They are so cute.

Oisín - Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Oisín turned 3 this weekend and this is the cake his mam and dad chose for him. He's dinosaur mad. The cake is an 7" extra high chocolate biscuit cake and the dinos are made from a mixture of florist paste and sugar paste. Everything is edible.

Darragh - Jurassic Park PlayStation Birthday Cake

Moira ordered this beast of a cake for her boyfriend's 30th birthday last weekend. He loves Jurassic Park and his PlayStation so she asked if we could have a t-Rex bursting out of the console. The console is a life-size chocolate biscuit version and the dinosaur is a mixture of chocolate biscuit cake and rice crispie treats. Everything is edible.

Henry - He's out of this world!!!

Henry, who celebrated a big birthday this weekend, is married to Bernie. So obviously we were going to go all out for his cake. He is fascinated by space, Mars in particular, so Bernie asked that I decorate the cake with that theme in mind. Mars, a 6" styro dummy, and Henry get to sit on an icing plinth now that the party is over. The cakes are an 8" chocolate fudge and 6" vanilla and everything on the cakes is edible.