Sunday, July 12, 2015

Charlotte - Minion Birthday Cake

Minions a go go this week.  This was made for Charlotte who has a favourite Minion scene (don't we all?)  The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge and everything is edible.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ashling's mam and dad - Sun Loving Anniversary Cake

I gave a sneak peek of this a few weeks back when I worked out how to make the deckchair. I think, sssh, I have a new favourite cake.

The cake itself is an 8" Tiramisu and made to celebrate Ashling's parents 40th anniversary. 
Everything is edible except the deckchair wooden bits as, surprise, they are made from Balsa wood. The fabric though, well, that is icing!

Sinead - High Heel Shoe cake topper.

A genuine size 5 sugar paste shoe.

Bernie's cousin has a big birthday today, she's off partying this weekend, and she asked me to make her a shoe to go with the lovely cake she's made. 
I don't have a photo of the cake yet but here's my contribution to Sinead's birthday party.

Nathalie - Midleton Whiskey Birthday Cake

Nathalie is obviously adored by Damian. This is the second cake he ordered for her birthday this week. 
This is a 12" x 5" chocolate and Green Spot whiskey cake. Everything is edible.... although that bottle may shatter should you take a nibble as made from florist paste and is rock hard.

Crossword Fiend!! - Birthday Cake

Made for Marie's dad (celebrating a wonderful 90 years) this is an 8" x 6" tall zesty lemon cake.

The birthday boy loves crosswords and is partial to the colour yellow. Everything is edible, well nearly everything. His pencil is a tiny pencil.

Minion - 21st Birthday Cake

We give out vouchers to charity events a couple of times a year and this was the result of one of them.
An 8" chocolate fudge cake.

Nathalie - Midleton Whiskey Cake

This was a challenge. A vertical chocolate and whiskey (Green Spot) cake. In this heat!! Damien, who ordered the cake for Nathalie's birthday, gave me the wording to go on the board and I thought it would be fun to modify the actual box label. It went down a storm.
The cake is 12" high and 5" wide.

Sean - Everyone's Hero

This man appears to be something of a legend. His partner, who ordered the cake, was also wonderfully impressive. 
With so much going on in Sean's life we narrowed it down to his being a Referee and his lovely dog. Anita kindly added the hearts with all of the grand kids names (I was worried about getting the hierarchy askew!). 
The cake is an 8" zesty lemon and everything is edible.

Sam - Christening Cake

The amazing chef that is Lorraine O'Callaghan made a gorgeous red velvet cake for a friends christening. She asked me to help ice it. 
Was very happy to help. 
She was the very first person to trust me to work with icing!

Matthew - Boba Fett Birthday Cake

I love this, perhaps because I'm a fan.
The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge cake and was made to celebrate Matthew's 21st birthday.