Friday, September 22, 2017

Kennedy - Pterodactyl Birthday Cake

Firstly, a joke, from my friend Maria: Q. Why do you never hear a Pterodactyl in the toilet?  A. Because the p is silent.  Ba doom tish!!!!

Kennedy loves dinosaurs and his mam ordered this 8" zesty lemon cake to celebrate his third birthday.   That pterodactyl was one of the hardest things I ever made .... couldn't work out what colour he should be!!  Anyway, hopefully Kennedy will be impressed. 

Julie Anne - Minion Birthday Cake

Julie ordered this zesty lemon Minion Cake for her husband's 40th birthday celebrations.   Love, love, love making Minions.   Best still is eating them!!

Andrew - 18th Birthday Cake

Noreen rang to book in a cake for her son's 18th last week.  She, like all mothers of boys, described him as "loving to look at himself, obsessed with his hair, plays GAA and enjoys the gym ... mostly he enjoys looking at himself though".
Sounds like two of my sons.
The cake is an 8" zesty lemon and nearly everything is edible (the mirrors aren't) and everything is handmade. 

Elizabeth - Bon Voyage 'pretty' cake.

Elizabeth is leaving Applegreen Dublin to go to Applegreen New York.   Kirsty ordered this 8" x 6" vanilla cake for her Bon Voyage party and all she asked for was that it would be very pretty.   
This is the prettiest cake I have ever made.   Everything is handmade and edible. 

Kay - Owl Birthday Cake

Claire Louise ordered this cake for Kay's birthday.    This vanilla cake is an 8" round that is 6" high Everything is handmade and edible... including the lace ribbon. 

Linh - Baby Shower Cake

Linh ordered this gorgeous, not my original design, cake for her sister's baby shower. The cake is made up of an 8" strawberry swirl and a 6" chocolate cake.

Eabha - Social Media 16th Birthday Cake

Made for Eabha's 16th birthday this cake is made up an 8" chocolate biscuit cake and 6" and 4" dummy tiers. Love how colourful this one is and .... I found out that those black dots on the snapchat tier are kinda like a QR code .... at least I think that's what my 16 year old was saying. Tis all very new to me.

Sarah - Gymnastic Birthday Cake

This is an 8" chocolate biscuit cake and was made to celebrate Sarah's 8th birthday. Everything is edible and handmade (and it took me an hour to learn how to make that rosette! Tricky things).

Ben - Christening Cake

Ben's big sisters designed his cake. I think one of them wanted a puppy instead of a baby brother lol. The cake is an 8" chocolate biscuit and everything is edible and handmade.

Philippe - 50th Birthday cake

My gorgeous friend Jill asked me to make a cake for her equally wonderful husband's (Philippe) 50th birthday, I was only too happy to oblige. Philippe, when they lived across the road, used to have a flagpole in his garden and would regularly fly flags, the number of the house, halloween, christmas, easter etc. so I decided to use the French flag and Irish flag as a starting point. Then it was just a matter of fitting in the the family and their various pets. The cake is an 8" chocolate biscuit and everything, except the picture frame, is edible. p.s. The frog! One of the first phrases Jill ever learnt in French was 'there is a frog in the toilet / Il y a une grenouille dans les toilettes/" which she took great delight and giggles in shouting at Himself when he was, indeed, sitting on the toilet.