Sunday, November 15, 2020

Audrey - Jungle theme birthday cake

 Audrey ordered this 6" chocolate biscuit cake for her son's first celebrations a while back.   Based on a couple of different designs everything is edible and handmade.

p.s. I'm learning that I cannot make a happy lion.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Matthew - Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I cannot believe it's Matthew's birthday again.  Time is going so fast.  This year he asked for a Dinosaur cake and this one is based on his party plates.  

The cake is an 8" raspberry swirl and everything is edible. 


That's not my bat!! - Birthday Cake

 Ruth ordered this chocolate cake for her son's first birthday. We know it's not his bat because it's wings are too shiny, his eyes too sparkly and his ears too furry.

I have such happy memories of these little books, my kids had them all.

Ellen - Gucci birthday cake

 Emer ordered this tall 6" chocolate biscuit cake to celebrate her daughters recent 18th Birthday.

The amazing print came via Miriam Pearson of Sweet Creations. The woman is a legend.

Brendan - Exorcist Birthday Cake

 If you ever want to know if I like you ask me to make a cake that terrifies me.

Charlene ordered this for her husband's birthday today. They are huge horror fans and all round sound people so ... I braced myself and made the cake.

It is chocolate biscuit and I try not to look at it. Entirely edible (but I got it out of the house as soon as I could in case she tried to eat me).

Lisa - Jungle First Birthday Cake

 Lisa was in the middle of moving house when I delivered the cake so I am dead impressed with her organisational skills.

Made for her son's first birthday, everything is edible and handmade on this 6" x 5" tall chocolate biscuit cake.

Robyn - Loves coffee and specs!

 Robyn turned 21 last week and her mam ordered this 8" chocolate biscuit cake to celebrate.

Containing a few of Robyn's favourite things, everything is edible and handmade.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Lea - Ever After High Birthday Cake

 Lea turned ten recently and is a huge fan of Ever After High. I'd never heard of it until this cake.

The cake itself is a 6" x 6" tall vanilla cake and everything is edible and handmade.

Des Kelly Interiors - 50th birhday beds!

 Des Kelly Interiors are celebrating 50 years in business this September, marking half a century since Des Kelly opened his first store at Cross Guns Bridge in Phibsborough, north Dublin.

I was asked to make a big celebration cake and 10 press gifts for the celebrations today. My kitchen isn't
big enough for the former so I recommended the fabulous Tanya of Novel T Cakes. She got that half of the gig and I recommend you go find the cake!
I got to make the beds, ten of them in fact. All based on beds that are currently on sale. All scaled down versions and all made of chocolate biscuit cake.
I will never moan about having to make my own bed again.