Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Grainne - 30th Birthday Cake

Grainne ordered this 8" chocolate fudge cake to celebrate her 30th birthday. Love these cakes as they are so colourful (and there are always sweets left over to enjoy during cake cleanup).

Joe - Pocky Birthday Cake

Prior to chatting to Joe I had never heard of Pocky. It's a huge thing!! It also gets its name from the sound it makes when the sticks snap and Saturday was International Pocky Day!! The cake is a 12" x 10" vanilla cake and was made to celebrate a number of birthdays at a recent JCon event. Everything is edible and handmade.

Aidan - Smirnoff & Red Bull 50th Birthday Cake

Julie ordered this chocolate biscuit cake for her pal's 50th birthday. I admire anyone who can drink red bull and vodka, that's proper partying. Everything is edible and handmade.

Demonware - Call of Duty WWII cake

Demonware celebrated the launch of the latest COD game with this. A carved 10" chocolate biscuit cake. Everything is edible and I believe it went down a storm. p.s. the game is the dogs!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jessy & Robert - Portmarnock Wedding Cake

Jessy and Robert said 'I do' on Friday and we were delighted to make their cake. Which, btw, is a replica of their home in Portmarnock. They actually live in that gorgeous Martello Tower. The cake is made up of an 8" and 6" zesty lemon. The non tower bit is made of stryofoam. I hope they had a fabulous day, as the sun was shining and their venue looked gorgeous.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rebecca - First Birthday Cake

The brief was pink and bunny and this is what I came up with. I wanted something sweet to celebrate Rebecca's first birthday. The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge and it's the first 'first' birthday cake I've made for Julie. I've made lots of other numbers but never a first lol.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Adam - Toothless Birthday Cake

I got a gorgeous email from Sinead when her husband arrived home with the cake.   It was such a relief to receive it as was worried he wasn't good enough.    Us cake makers get terrible nervous you know.
Adam turned 5 this year and this is what he really wanted for his birthday cake.  Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.    The cake is a carved 8, carved by Bernie as she a legend and I have a habit of over carving. 

Robert - Jeremy the Plane Birthday Cake

This is an 8" chocolate fudge cake and was made to celebrate Robert's 4th birthday.   He is a huge Thomas the tank engine fan (last year we made Harold the Helicopter for him) and this year we made Jeremy, who is a plane lol.   

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Michelle - Pikachu / Pokemon 21st Birthday Cake

Eileen ordered this for Michelle's 21st birthday party today.   The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge and everything is handmade.    

Joseph - Dublin GAA Hurling Birthday Cake

Joseph turns 10  this weekend and his mam ordered this 8" chocolate biscuit cake to celebrate.   Loved handing this one over as Joe was expecting the Dublin crest and was thrilled to see a model of himself sat on top of the cake.   Everything is edible and handmade.