Monday, January 4, 2021

Nicole - Hat Box Birthday Cake

Brian ordered this 6" carrot cake to celebrate his partner's birthday.  It is based on a design he gave me and it was lovely to make roses again. 

Everything is edible and handmade. 

Ross - Dublin GAA Football Cake


Pat ordered this 6" chocolate biscuit cake for her son's recent birthday celebrations.   I am obsessed with getting all the panels on these cakes perfect ..... why couldn't I be obsessed with something simpler?!

Frank - Pikachu Birthday Cake

 I do love how bright this cake is.  Made to celebrate Frank's 7th birthday back in November, this is a 6" round x 6" tall vanilla cake.  Everything is edible and handmade. 

James - Harry Potter Birthday Cake

I do love making these cakes.  This as a chocolate biscuit cake that was made to celebrate James' 6th Birthday.  Everything is edible and handmade. 

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Olivia - Tangled Birthday Cake

Olivia chose Repunzel as her birthday theme this year.  The cake, made to match, is an 8" chocolate fudge.  Everything is handmade and edible. 


Adam and Dylan - Diggers Birthday Cake

Last year, for the boys first birthday, it was all about monkeys.  This year it's all about diggers!!
This is a 6" chocolate biscuit cake made to celebrate the lad's second birthday. 


Marina & Simeon - Elegant wedding cake

 Marina and Simeon said 'I do' recently.  Due to Covid Restrictions they had to scale right back and this cake is made up of a dummy tier and a 6" vanilla tier.   It was a gorgeous affair altogether.   

Tanya - Reindeer Christmas Cake

 Tanya ordered this 8" vanilla cake for her post Christmas dessert.

Loved making it and only had a little heart attack when Tanya sent me a text saying her dad had just dropped it around and she loved it. I only saw the 'dropped it' bit. Still not the better of it.

Everything is handmade and edible.

Olivia - Greedy Unicorn Birthday Cake

 I'm not far off the state of this unicorn right now. Time to maybe eat an apple or ... maybe not.

This is a 6" tall x 6" round rainbow vanilla cake and was made to celebrate Olivia's birthday at the start of December.

I believe she had a great day and had to be forced to cut the cake!!

Anne - Danish Biscuit Tin Sewing Birthday Cake

 Remember when you were a kid, there was always a tin of biscuits in the press that didn't actually have any biscuits in it, but instead held sewing supplies? Well, this is the cake I made for Anne's recent birthday celebrations.

Ordered by Angela it is a 6" carrot cake and everything is edible and handmade.

p.s. it was so disheartening to think you were getting a biscuit, not even a biscuit you liked, only to find buttons.