Sunday, November 17, 2019

Julie's Dad - Locks Hat Fan Birthday Cake

Julie's dad celebrated his birthday during the week and she asked that I make a cake based on his favourite hat, from Lock's of London.  Their hats are amazing by the way.

The cake is an 8" carved chocolate fudge cake with handmade model ... with miniature hatbox containing a builder's hardhat.  As, prior to retiring, he worked in Construction. 

Daniel - Winnie the Pooh Christening Cake

Edel ordered this 8" chocolate biscuit cake for her son's Christening Day recently. It's based on a version we made a few years ago and I loved getting to make it again. Everything is edible and hand made.

Sinéad (and Brendan) Harry Potter Birthday (Engagement) Cake

I have been like a kid for the past few days working on this cake. Brendan contacted me a few months ago to ask if I would come up with a cake that could be used as a birthday cake and a way to ask his girlfriend to marry him! I came up with the book and Brendan let me run with it. On the outside it's all birthday but when you open the cover ... well. 

She said yes!! 

Everything is edible and handmade and whooohoooo. This makes me so happy.

Eddie - Covered in bees cake

Hannah asked that I make this 8" vanilla cake for an end of tour gift for Eddie Izzard. The brief was 'covered in bees' and ... it really was. I'd made 200 the weekend before, that just about covered the top of the cake lol. 

All the bees are edible and I even managed to squeeze in one of my favourite gags of 'cake or death?' Apparently, he loved the cake, so yay!! You can listen to his beekeeper skit here:

p.s. I got to sit in the posh seats to see his show last night. Thank you Hannah x

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Paul - Harry Potter Spellbook Birthday Cake

Paul ordered this 9" chocolate biscuit cake for his wife's birthday celebrations.
Everything is edible and handmade.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Rory - Moon Balloon Christening Cake

I make a lot of elephants but this is my most favourite elephant cake.   Based on a design both myself and Mary, Rory's mam, liked.  This is a 7" chocolate biscuit cake.  Everything is edible and handmade. 

Pikachu - Birthday Cake

Yuliya ordered this extra tall 6" vanilla and raspberry cake for her son's birthday celebrations.   I love how bright and cheerful it looks (especially as, on the day I made it, it rained and rained and rained..).

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Robert - Ironman Birthday Cake

Robert is Ironman mad with a bit of love for Captain America.  His mam had to talk him down from a full-size Ironman.  

This is an 8" Raspberry Whirl cake and everything is edible (except the lights). 

Ironman lol.

This is an 8" Raspberry Whirl cake and everything is edible ....except the lights.  I'm dead chuffed with how this turned out (yes, I am that easily pleased).

Adam - Charmeleon Pokemon Birthday Cake

Adam turned 7 this week and this year it's all about Pokemon.   This is an 8" chocolate fudge cake and I loved making it.  Although was rather baffled at how many 'ch' pokemon there are.  

Everything is edible except the Pokeball.   That is a styrofoam dummy.