Friday, September 4, 2015

Maggie - Surfer Minion Birthday Cake

Made to celebrate Maggie's 9th birthday this is a ... surfing minion!  Made entirely from chocolate biscuit cake he was a terror to deliver lol.  

Ben - Heart Surgeon 40th Birthday Cake

I got such a kick out of making this, honestly.  The brief was 'Heart Surgeon' and as it is a novelty cake I thought it fun if I added some of the parts from the game, Operation.  I am easily pleased.  
The cake is an 8" chocolate biscuit cake and everything is edible  

Irene - MAC Lipstick Birthday Cake

This was made to celebrate Irene's 60th birthday.  The entire cake is made of chocolate biscuit (that took 2.7kg of chocolate by the way) and stands 45cm high.  

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Joan - Alice in Wonderland Cake

I loved this cake, not so chuffed transporting it, but I did love making it. Kept thinking of new characters to add. 
Joan had sent me a picture a couple of months back ... I sent her back my sketch (always risky as am brutal at drawing). Anyway, she loved it and booked us.
The cake is made up of thee tiers, chocolate biscuit, raspberry and lemon. Everything is edible except the teapot. That is a Styrofoam ball covered in sugrpaste RCT were too heavy in this instance,
Oh, and the reaction I got when I dropped it to her was awesome ... just hope she cuts it now and eats it.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Dude - Big Lebowski Cake

Not quite sure who my dude is but if he loves the Big Lebowski he's lright in my book. 
This is an 8" x 10" carrot cake. Everything is edible except the glass and stirrer (acetate and skewer respectively).

Sophia - Christening Cake

"As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen" - Winnie the Pooh
This was made to celebrate the christening of Sophia, daughter to two of my favourite people. Everything is edible (and Tiramisu flavoured). Actually, I lie, the top book is made to be kept. That has Sophie, Pooh Bear and (my favourite) a desolate looking Eeyore on it.

Niamh sent me photos of the books she loves to read with Sophie and we decided to make as many as we could. To give you some idea of scale, the board the cakes sit on is 45cm square.

p.s. tonnes of photos as so much to see.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Charlotte - Minion Birthday Cake

Minions a go go this week.  This was made for Charlotte who has a favourite Minion scene (don't we all?)  The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge and everything is edible.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Ashling's mam and dad - Sun Loving Anniversary Cake

I gave a sneak peek of this a few weeks back when I worked out how to make the deckchair. I think, sssh, I have a new favourite cake.

The cake itself is an 8" Tiramisu and made to celebrate Ashling's parents 40th anniversary. 
Everything is edible except the deckchair wooden bits as, surprise, they are made from Balsa wood. The fabric though, well, that is icing!

Sinead - High Heel Shoe cake topper.

A genuine size 5 sugar paste shoe.

Bernie's cousin has a big birthday today, she's off partying this weekend, and she asked me to make her a shoe to go with the lovely cake she's made. 
I don't have a photo of the cake yet but here's my contribution to Sinead's birthday party.