Thursday, March 16, 2017

Grace - The Midnight Gang Birthday Cake Book

Grace is a huge fan of David Walliam's books and loves this one the most.  Therefore it made sense to turn it into a cake for her 9th birthday.  
The cake is an 8" by 11" light chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream filling.  

Patricia - 70th Birthday Roses Cake

I do like this cake.  Very much in fact (even though my fingers ache from making all those flowers).  

It is a 10" strawberry swirl and made to celebrate Patricia's 70th birthday.  Everything is handmade and edible.  

Summer Lily - Woodland Christening Cake

Sarah left the design up to me.  Provided there would be a woodland creature or two she was happy.  
The cake is an 8" zesty lemon cake.  Everything is handmade and edible and ... I really enjoyed making it.

p.s. Yeah, the squirrels nut.  I know squirrels don't find acorns in spring but this chap found it under the cake, he'd forgotten he'd hidden it away.

Libby - Unicorn Birthday Cake

We made the sweetest little mouse cake for Libby's christening last year and were delighted to make this, her first birthday cake.  
The cake is an 8" vanilla sponge with a vanilla buttercream filling and the unicorn is handmade and edible ... but you'd have such a sugar hangover the next day I'd caution against it.

p.s. all those sprinkles were hand cut by yours truly.  Thousands, hundreds and thousands (geddit?) of them.

Belle - Beauty and The Beast

The wonderful Trish Kelly of The Cupcake Store asked me to make this as an accompaniment to the many cupcakes she was providing for a Disney event this evening. The cake is a carved 6" vanilla cake and decorated to look like Belle's dress. Haven't made a doll cake since we first started out and .... I loved it.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Clare - Everything and the kitchen sink 70th Birthday Cake

Clare is famous for her tarts, cheesecakes and brown bread so that's where we started with this cake.  The cake is a carved 8" Baileys sponge cake.  Everything is edible and handmade.  

Noah's Ark

Made for Noah's Christening Day this is an 8" zesty lemon cake.  Thoroughly enjoyed making those animals   Such a sweet little cake.

Patricia - Utterly fabulous at 50

Patricia sent me an image and asked if I could recreate it.  Since sending it to me I have seen it everywhere, apparently it's an 'on trend' cake!  
It is an 8" and 6" vanilla cake covered in sequins and hand painted to get that gorgeous shiny gold.   The flowers are all sugar and handmade.  

Friday, March 3, 2017

Katie - Bing Birthday Cake.

An 8" raspberry whirl cake to celebrate Katie's birthday.  I love the simplicity of it all.

Alan - New York Giants Birthday Cake

Alan loves the Giants and idolises Odell beckham Jr. so I came up with this.  An 8" chocolate fudge cake with a Giant's helmet and a sugar Odell.

Everything is edible and handmade.