Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jett - Graduation Cake

Made for Jett's graduation lunch this is an 8" Raspberry Swirl. Handsome chap.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Kaiden Dean - Christening Cake

This was made to celebrate Kaiden Dean's Christening day.  The cakes are an 8" and a 4" chocolate biscuit cake.  Design supplied. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Gillian - Marc Jacobs bag birthday cake

Ordered by Ian for his lovely wife, this is a 9" carved Zesty Lemon Cake. 
Made by Bernie.... who is a true caking legend.

After 35 years Deirdre is retiring, wishing her many happy 'no more Mondays' feelings.
The cake is zesty lemon and is approx 45cm long and 10cm high. The wings are made from foam core board covered in sugarpaste to enable the cake to be transported a little easier.
Everything by Bernie. My baking legend of a partner.

Ronan - Record Player Birthday Cake

Made to celebrate Ronan's 40th birthday this is a 12" x 10" zesty lemon cake. The single playing? Blue Monday by New Order ... and all edible.

Ombre Swirl Graduation Cake

Bernie took a photo of this beauty before she iced it. It's vanilla sponge layers match the swirls on the outside.

Lucy - Christening Cake

Made for my friend and neighbour, this is an 8" chocolate biscuit cake. The cake is a very pale grey and, I think, very sweet.

George - Dustry Crophopper Planes Cake

Made to celebrate George's 5th birthday this is his 'Planes' cake. The cake itself is an 8" chocolate fudge cake.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alan - Gaiety Birthday Cake

I received a call on Monday "can you make a cake for a party on Saturday?'. 'Sure', I said. 

Received an email the next morning ..'How BIG can you make the cake?" 

BIG!! The cake is over 70cm tall, excluding sign, and was made to celebrate the much loved Alan's 50th birthday AND his 30th year working in the Gaiety in Dublin. We didn't meet Alan yesterday as he was barred for the weekend so the party could be set up but, thanks to everyone we had the pleasure of meeting and working with, the man is much loved and admired.

The cakes are all 5" high and are: 10" chocolate biscuit cake, 8" raspberry and vanilla and a 6" Strawberry swirl. We also provided an 8" lemon cake for cutting (or keeping).

p.s. our cake even got a velvet rope!!!

Millie Rae - Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

Millie Rae is three and this is her cake! She is a huge fan of PAW Patrol and her favourite puppy is Skye. The cake itself is an 8" Vanilla and Raspberry Cake and everything is edible.