Sunday, June 4, 2017

Liam - Manchester United Football Cake

A huge Manchester United fan hence his choosing this as his communion cake. It is an 8" chocolate biscuit football and everything is edible and handmade.

Dublin,flower, pot, plant, cake, birthday, 60th, peonies, flowers

It's a big birthday for Marie and her daughter ordered this cake for her. The theme was gardening so ... here you go. The peonies, seed packet and trowel are all sugarpaste and the 'dirt' is crushed Oreos. The cake is entirely handmade and edible.

Ella - Communion Cake

Ella made her communion today and her mam, Siobhan, ordered this for her. The cake is an 8" chocolate biscuit and has two of Ella's favourite things, a keyboard and her microphone! (We tried putting her in tap shoes but it didn't match the rig out).

Sally - Dotty 12 Birthday Cake

Sally loves smarties and the cake within, an 8" chocolate biscuit, contains lots of them. The outside is smartie-tastic too.

Ella - Birdcage and butterfly Communion Cake

I love making cakes for Lynda (last time it was a shark) and this one is so pretty. The cake is a double height 6" chocolate fudge cake. Everything is edible and handmade.

Ken! - 50th Birthday Armchair Cake Topper

Bernie asked me to make this for a friend of hers (and then gave out to me for giving him too much hair! Cackle). I love making armchairs out of fondant, I really do. But I digress, Ken had a big birthday recently and was given his favourite things, a comfy chair, great movies, haribo cola bottles and chips from the best chipper in the world.... if you are from Cork! K.C;s. Oh, and the rug is red and white as they are his county colours. Happy birthday Ken!

Alannah - Communion Cake

This is an 8" Vanilla and homemade raspberry jam cake. Made to celebrate Alannah's communion day today. Everything is edible and handmade (we even match the dress!)

Karl - Dominoes Pizza 21st Birthday Cake

Cora rang me in a panic late this week to see if we could fit her in. Her son, who hadn't wanted any celebrations, wanted to celebrate!! Kids, huh? As the owner of three kids I knew where she was coming from so was happy to help out. He loves pizza, Dominoes in particular, so I made him a chocolate biscuit pizza and airbrushed it to look like a deep pan crush with pepperoni, olives, peppers, onions and cheese! And I loved every minute of if. p.s. The flyer is edible too! Big shout out to Dominoes in Swords for letting me have the box x

Willow - Bunny First Birthday Cake

Emma sent me a gorgeous cake to use as inspiration and this is what I came up with. It's very close to the original but ... my bunny lol. The cake is made up of an 8" lemon and 6" strawberry whirl. Everything is edible and handmade.

Libby - Unicorn Communion Cake

This is an 8" round by 5" high Raspberry Swirl cake and was made for Libby's communion celebrations. I love this style of cake and love that pink (living in a houseful of men remember).