Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sailing boat 80th birthday cake

This was made to celebrate an 80th birthday recently. The cake is a carved 8" zesty lemon and is based on one of the many small sailing boats that can be found in Malahide. Everything is handmade and edible and this is entirely Bernie!

Lisa - Fierce and fabulous at 40

Lisa is one of my favourite people.  Her husband, Shane, ordered this cake to celebrate her 40th birthday.  One of her loves is yoga and the other is wine so .... here you go!  
The cake is a 6" lemon drizzle cake and everything is handmade and edible.  

Matthew - Spiderman Birthday Cake

Made for Matthew's fifth birthday this is delicious vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and homemade raspberry jam.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Sean and Deirdre - Gold and Ivory Wedding Cake

Firstly, huge congratulations to Sean and Deirdre who tied the knot yesterday. We had fun chatting to Sean as we were getting ready to leave. 

Secondly, we would like to say how great the staff at the Keadeen Hotel were yesterday whilst we were setting up. Rose was such a breath of fresh air and she did give me the giggles.
The cake is made up of a 12" ginger date and lemon, 10" lemon, 8" chocolate fudge, 6" tiramisu and a 4" red velvet. The toppers were handmade and are based on the couple's bridal outfits. 
I decided that it would be nice if the couple could keep their topper so I swapped it out for a 4" dummy and Rose kept the red velvet cake safe in the kitchen for cutting later.

Clair - Suitcase Birthday Cake

David ordered this 10" x 7" zesty lemon cake for Clair's birthday. Love making this type of cake and it's entirely edible.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Philippa - Woodland Birthday Cake

It was Philippa's first birthday so we went for winter themed woodland. This cake sparked a big debate on whether squirrels would a. wear mittens and, b. have them on string?! The cake is an 8" chocolate biscuit and everything is hand made. From sugar!

Eva - Christmas Cake

I've made so many cakes for Eva but handing this one over was the first time I ever got to meet her! Normally Darren hands over her cakes, all in the timing I guess. It was a pleasure in both meeting her and making this cake. The cake is an 8" ginger, date and lemon and is one of my absolute favourite flavours. All handmade and edible.

Sophie - Film Reel Birthday Cake

Sophie is studying film and it was only right that her cake would reflect that. The cake is a 10" cake (well, three 10" cakes, each are 2" high. Everything is edible and the 'celluloid' is made up of photos from Sophie's 21 years.

Croíadh's First Christmas (cake)

Really enjoyed making this for Croíadh's first Christmas. The cake is an 8" chocolate fudge and the model was based on a Christmas card I saw a few years back.

Geraghty Christmas - Totoro Christmas Cake

I wanted to make something to surprise the family so .... Totoro! The cake is an 8" ginger, date and lemon and is entirely edible. .... okay, edit, the lights obviously aren't edible x