Who 'we' are:

In November 2008 I set up the Perfectionist Confectionist. Mainly because I’d become fed up paying over the odds for birthday cakes etc. when what I really wanted was a delicious, homemade cake at an affordable price.   Along the way I met Bernie Lynam  who was a Chocolatier and is a fantastic baker.  Me?  My name is Niamh Geraghty and I design, talk and decorate.  I made my living out of Interior Design before having children.  The kids got bigger and I needed a creative outlet and . . .  the Perfectionist Confectionist was born   I think affordability is of the utmost importance as times are tight. I also believe that our prices are more affordable than most others you’ll find around. All our cakes are designed and homebaked by ourselves using the finest ingredients.

The Perfectionist Confectionist is the home of beautiful bespoke cakes for all tastes and all budgets. All our designs are made to order, fully tailored to the specifications of our customers. Enjoy your look around our site and if you need further help or inspiration please mail us and we’ll be happy to talk through your ideas.

We'll make your cake so perfect you won't want to cut it!

We are a HSA registered company based in North County Dublin that specialises in all things cake! Be it fairy, wedding, christening, birthday, retirement or even flower (I know a great florist who makes flower cakes) we enjoy making them all. It’s our passion. We can also cater any occasion and offer a wide variety of desserts.

Use a picture, your own design or a character and it will be turned into the cake of your dreams. We must tell you though that due to copyright, all our character cakes are 'an artist's impression' of any character required. If you have a themed birthday, with matching invitations, we can blend in with whatever that theme may be. The Perfectionist Confectionist will create the perfect cake for any party. Enjoy your look around our site and if you need further help or inspiration, email us at:perfectcakesinfo@gmail.com or get in touch through our website www.perfectionistconfectionist.com and we will be happy to talk through your ideas.