Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Champagne Bottle Cake

I had the best fun making this cake.  The client was wonderful and happy to talk abour herself so I could work out how the cake should look.  It's a 12" Lemon Cake, covered in fondant.  The 'programme' is an edible icing sheet and the bottle itself is also edible. 

The Client responded as follows:

if you need quotes to put up on your website here are a few – feel free to tailor them as you see fit:

“ excellent service from start to finish – sample ideas sent via email meant that I didn’t have any surprises with the final product”

“loved the way the company got to find out about me as a person –so they could match the cake to the individual - and in my case they got it ‘spot on’ – well done”.

“the end product was a beautiful cake - really different and the company really do what the name says – they are the perfectionist Confectionist and would highly recommend them to everyone no matter what the occasion“.

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