Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winnie's Table

A chocolate biscuit cake containing cointreau as well as everything else that is sinful and delicious. 

We received this email a few weeks later:

Hi Niamh,

Apologies for only getting back to you now, it has been a bit hectic for the last week. Firstly I have no objections what so ever to being on your mailing list. Secondly as for the cake I cant even start to tell you how much of a success it was, it was witout doubt the focal point of the night, Winnie absolutely loved it as did the other 35 guests, all the kids on my road and all my neighbours. I had it on a table on its own to show it off to its best potential, Tony got some really good photos of it, so if you need any just let me know and i will e.mail them to you. It was so creative and stunning we didnt cut it on the night at all in fact it wasnt cut for four days after, so you could have just had a brick underneath it for all the interest that was in the acutal cake itself, it was all about the decoration. When it was eventually cut I must say it was goregeous very luscious. I gave your number to a few people and also one of your cards to the people we had doing the catering, they were very very impressed with it, so hopefully you will get some business out of it. You most certainly will get business from me again, Tara (my daughter0 definitely wants one for her confirmation etc. etc. and has already planned that when Tonly is 50 which I may add isn't for another 3 years she wants you to do a guitar. 

Anyway, enough of me going on, once again thank you so much for the beautiful stunning cake and for the brilliant impact it had on the night, it really added to the success and enjoyment of Winnie's birthday.

Regards, Deirdre

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