Sunday, August 11, 2019

Devin's Mam's birthday retirement cake!

Devin orderd this 8" lemon and 6" chocolate fudge cake to help with his mam's recent celebrations. He wins all the awards for coolest/calmest customer ever btw. Mary, Devin's lovely wife, owner of Bakers&Cakers was also a legend ... and here's why. 

Devn: Hi Niamh, Mary is on her way to collect the cake. 
Me.: Cool, I may not be here as have to drop friend to the airport. Will only be 15 minutes but kids and husband there and the cake is set up and good to go. 
Me..... walking into the house, EXACTLY 12 minutes after I left ...........SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM What the ARGH happened to the cake???? The eldest child, recently an adult, knocked it over and smashed in the side of it. 
Me: HIDevintherehasbeenanaccidentwiththecakeIcanfixitwhat'shelatestIcandeliverittoyouthisafternoon? (quiet sob). 
Devin: Hey, relax, it's only a cake. Don't stress it. 
Ding Dong: 
Mary: You okay? 
Me: i'm going to kill him. 
Mary: It's okay. 

And, you know what? It was. Mary's calming influence (and Darren and Oscar being my cake mayhem assistants) meant that the cake was repaired and put back together within 40 minutes. Mary left with cake, having had an hour away from the baba and a cup of coffee and I had a cup of tea and a gin. The Mammy loved it.

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