Saturday, May 6, 2017

Charlene & Brendan - Horror, ish, Wedding Cake

So, Charlene is a friend who I know through the Lighthouse Cinema She married the gorgeous Brendan last month and I was asked to make their cake.

They are huge movie fans and HUGE horror fans. The front, patterned part is actually a copy of the wallpaper from their Living Room. They also have an antelope head, sculpture on the wall and it’s draped in fairy lights. It’s ALSO the carpet in The Shining. Shudder. The back, now I kinda lost the run of myself … the idea was that the back would be white, traditional, but slashed. I kinda really went to town on the blood. As for the fabulous heart on top, it had to be human. It was made by one of the best cake makers I know. Philip Mullen of Kickshaw Cakes I knew he would make something awesome and he did. Hand on human, bleeding, heart it’s one of my favourite cakes. Ever.

The cake, by the way, is a 10" chocolate biscuit cake, 8" ginger, date and lemon and a 6" zesty lemon cake.

The heart is made from a mixture of modelling paste and chocolate. The blood? That’s coloured piping gel.

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