Friday, March 18, 2016

The Magic Roundabout Cake / Dublin Sugarcraft Guild Competition cake 2016

The category I entered was 'Cakes inspired by a TV show'. I chose the Magic Roundabout. Delighted to say I won a gold for this. Also, got such a kick out of people clocking the picture on top of the telly and coming to find me ... I still look like my three year old self apparently. Nice one

You have taken me back to my childhood. The quality of your modelling is very good in the main, just look at the petticoat of the doll. If the petticoat is showing it needs to be clear that it is intentional but at the back it just looks like poor finishing of the detail. The back of the tv is a good finish but would improve the project with something added to create some visual appeal to round the cake.

The tv has been done to a very good standard but just watch the glazing as it has pooled in places. The painting of the tv screen is very good and has a lot of detail. Brilliant modelling of all the characters, they all have texture and movement The covering of the cake board has a little damage but has a lovely texture.

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